Fortunately the world is a better place, and sacrifices are largely consigned to our history.
That might not be the case in the golf world.

How many Pro V’s, or other golf balls, are sacrificed to the water, trees, deep rough, out-of-bounds,
indeed anything on the right for right-handers. What are golfers, bedeviled by a slice or high fade
hoping for? Many will claim they’ve aimed left of the target. But golf is a funny old game.
It seems the further left you tryto hit the ball, the further right it goes.

End the sacrifice of golf balls. Come and talk to us and let’s put in place a plan to remove
the slice, high-fade, from your golf game. The sacrifice might be a small swing change; or
some time spent on a few drills, but the result is worth it. Being able to hit short and
mid-Irons at the target successfully is exhilarating.