The Wedge Analyzer records the entire motion

of the Wedge throughout your swing, providing

key data including what’s happening

just before and through impact.

The Wedge Analyzer can then use your data, along

with the typical turf conditions you’ll experience,

to recommend the best bounce and sole grind

to provide you with the best results possible.

Finally, using your current PW loft and a

database of key information, we’ll be able 

to set you up with the correct Wedge lofts to

provide you with the most consistent distance

gaps through your Wedge set.

This is a great video that highlights how we would use the Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer to set you up with the perfect Wedge configuration.

Watch now.

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Cleveland Golf RTX 2.0 Wedges have face technology designed to maximize spin and control, whatever short shot you’re playing from whatever lie.